Top Ten Ways to Create Safe Place When Feeling Suicidal

Sitting on the plane

On the plane to get home

My thoughts began to spin out of control this evening into a dark place. A long day at work, frustration with scheduled hours, hurt over words from a guy, and cancelling of play rehearsal all added up to making my anxiety peek. Then my mother could not talk at the moment. Suddenly, I felt lost with voices screaming in my head.

After all this time and therapy, the urge to commit suicide still remains so difficult to fight.

Tonight was worse than it has been in a long time. For a few moments, I felt lost and stuck. There was no one that I could turn to for help. Even those who would have listened patiently and tried to help seemed impossible to reach. I did not want to talk to just anyone; I wanted someone in particular. Other than my mother, no one seemed like a good option to open up to for guidance and support.

Still, I needed to find a way to remain safe. This inspired me to think about ten ways you can make a safe space to be in if you are feeling like committing suicide or self-harm. There are numerous other ways that I do not have room to list. Please let me know additions to this list in a comment.

  1. Focus on your breath – Just do this for a few minutes. It takes up time and allows you to calm down a bit. This gives your brain oxygen to help you think more clearly. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth can be a good strategy.
  2. Count things – Look around you and count the little things. Cracks in the sidewalk, leaves on the tree, knots in a rug – there are so many ways to do this. Using my senses in this way helps me to forget about killing myself.
  3. Call someone – Tell someone that you trust about your feelings. Vent but also let wisdom sink into your heart. Talk as well as listening so that there is a balance.
  4. Sit with someone – This is even better than just talking on the phone. Today, I went and asked for a hug from a good friend. That is an excellent way to get your mind in a different places. However, be honest about the struggle instead of putting on a happy smile.
  5. Tell someone – This can be by text, email, Facebook, anything. Just let another person know about your struggle so that you can be kept safe.
  6. Get away from dangers – Remove anything that might trigger you. If that is not possible, get to a safer location.
  7. Cry as much as needed – If sobbing will help, let the tears roll down your face. Holding in your emotions tends to make them worse.
  8. Cuddle up – Wrap up in a blanket, hold a stuffed animal, or snuggle into bed.
  9. Turn down the lights – Reduce the extra stimuli by shutting off lights or going into a dark room.
  10. Listen to music – Whatever your jam is, put it in and focus on it. Let that take your energy instead of the thoughts.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Create Safe Place When Feeling Suicidal

  1. mihrank says:

    welcome back – home sweet home:)

  2. celinemurray says:

    I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, Anna Rose. 😦 I hope you’re doing better today! (Remember, you can always get hugs from me! :D)

  3. I hope your doing better today Anna Rose. Don’t forgot that your a blessing to everyone that you know and we all care a lot about you. Don’t forget you can call me anytime and I’ll just listen if that is all you need. I love you lots

  4. Reblogged this on More Than Skin Deep. and commented:
    Really good suggestions on creating a “safe” place!

  5. Brilliant list. I also use these things when hearing my voices or having a PTSD episode. x

  6. Tom R. says:

    Does it ever help to think about how much worse off the world would be without you around?

  7. Amy says:

    Great advice and I am glad you are here to share it!

  8. It wasn’t a suicidal moment but I had an experience where I was so caught up in grief, it really felt like there were grief demons or dementors surrounding me and ready to devour me, and at that moment what kept me sane was a recording of my son’s voice that I had on my phone. I played it — it was nothing really, just him reciting the alphabet or something — and it was like a lifeline. Maybe that can help too. Record something/someone you love and play it as needed.

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