One Thousand Thanks: 810 – 821. Melodious and Invigorating Sounds


The sound of church bells is one noise that I love.

Continuing on with the theme of senses in my series of Thankfulness Thursdays, I am going to now address sound.

Hearing is probably the sense that most affects me and my Aspergers. Classical musical and church hymns filled me with joy as a child, but modern Christian rock or booming bass during praise and worship made me run from the room. I could hear conversations from another room without even trying while not understanding the person speaking in front of me. Thus, noise has been both a bane and a blessing in my life. Looking at the sounds that I am most thankful for is a great activity.

810. Tchaikovsky’s music – He is my favorite composer of all time. The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake – his ballets are genius. The way the sound enfolds you in a soft blanket before throwing you into a raging sea makes my heart swell.

811. Chickadees – The little “chicka-dee-dee” these birds make is so cute as they hope about on the ground.

812. A cat’s purr – This is especially wonderful when they are snuggled on your lap. It is the sound of pure contentment.

813. Raindrops on the roof – Not too light or heavy of a shower can be a beautiful sound to fall asleep to at night.

814. Baby’s laughter – Really, the laughter of anyone is so beautiful to hear.

815. Wind chime– My mother taught me to love this.

816. Water – Streams bubbling, waves crashing, fountains bubbling, glasses being filled – all are wonderful.

817. White noise – To fall asleep, I need a humidifier or similar machine running for the white noise.

818. Wind in the trees – Being up at the top of the tree is the best place to experience this.

819. Dryers – This might also remind me of my mother. It is a comforting sound.

820. Deep exhales – Maybe I enjoy hearing this because I feel calmer when I do it.

821. Church bells – Each Sunday, these make me feel closer to God for some reason.


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