Taking a Moment of Silence

Life rushes by us so quickly. In our society, we seem to be pressured to move from one thing to the next without even time to take a breath. After all, that would just be wasting time.

Work, school, cleaning, social events, networking, family outings – the list of things to do never seems to end. All of this time, noise bombards us. Cars blare horns when you do not move soon enough, rock music rattles clothing in malls, and friends screech with laughter and silly jokes. Sometimes, silence seems impossible to find.

The idea of searching for quiet and resting in it is so beautiful. When is the last time that you did that? No headphones, television, phone, or other people. You just sat and read or thought about life.

Far too often, I put down those moments and think that I should be doing something more important. However, silent time is vital for our well-being. The noise that always fills our lives starts to wear away at our spirits. Drained and overwhelmed, we all need to take some time to relax without distraction.

This weekend, one of my goals is to take a couple of walks as well as spend some time in silence. Doing this is not simple but will make me stronger and more healthy in the long run. I invite you to join me in this experience of taking a moment of silence.


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