Coping Skills: #64. Visit a Humane Shelter or Pet Store

Coping Skills: #8. Pet Therapy

Me with Lexi, who died about a year ago, when he was still very little

My roommates and I went to a pet store yesterday to hold some puppies and kittens. Doing so cost us several dollars and some hours that could have been used studying, but the joy that it brought me was worth it. Plus, I loved spending time with Kaitlyn and Katie.

Taking time to visit a humane shelter, pet store, or another place with animals is a great coping skill. Some time ago, I wrote about pet therapy as a skill to use. Doing so with your own pet is very helpful. However, it can be wonderful to care for other animals (especially those that do not have a home) in a caring way.

Seeing those kittens and puppies in a cage made me sad. That sorrow moved me to care for the animals and even pray that they go to loving homes. By playing with a few of these cats for a short period of time, I hopefully gave them a chance to be doted on and learn how to interact with humans. In return, they helped me to calm down and just relax.

When we love others, we often experience joy. This is true when we care for animals too. They long for affection so much that there is something very satisfying and fulfilling by addressing their need for attention. Plus, after trying to understand confusing humans, turning to animals can be refreshingly simple. The kittens were happy to just let me hold and pet them as they played with my earrings and hair.

Sometimes I just feel depressed in places like pet stores. However, now I realize that I can make a difference by giving care to the animals and hoping that they have happy lives. Playing with these little creatures made them full of energy and filled me with life too.

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