Listaliciousness: Orthodox Reblogging, Disney Secret Rules, and Kid Movies for Parents Like

Petting kitty

Here I am holding a kitten at the pet store on Friday.

My brain is befuddled. Work, work and school – that was mostly my weekend. Add in some crazy drama, moments of wanting to burst into tears and nearly erupting with joy to make the two days utterly draining emotionally, psychically, and mentally.

Anyway, here are some great links from the past week. Choosing them was rather fun because I got a bit more time to look at things online and be inspired. Don’t ask me where that times came from because I am not sure. Hm…Life is confusing.

  1. “Feeling Safe to Explore Something New,” by Anna Rose Meeds – A Russian Orthodox blog reblogged my post about attending church there in Oxford. Reading this really touched my heart.
  2. Top 10 apple recipes – Who doesn’t love apples at this time of year? Maybe people who hate them or are allergic to this fruit. Anyway, I hope that other people will enjoy this article that I wrote for my internship.
  3. There’s a Nazi Buried on Mount Zion Israel – For a Good Reason – Doesn’t that title grab you right away? The story is fascinating and moving.
  4. 16 Secret Rules for Disney Employees – A professor sent me this list because I want to work for Disney for a little while. It is very interesting.
  5. Eugenics: The Movement Annihilating Our Race? – A great friend of mine writes this blog. Here she discusses how cleansing the earth of people with certain genes can be dangerous. As someone with a disability, I feel that fear and sadness very strongly.
  6. Top 10 dog costumes – Seeing dogs dressed up makes me a bit nervous. I worry about the animal and then stress about how the owner probably loves the pooch. Writing this for my internship was fun, however. Many people put their pets in outfits, and most animals seem okay with that. As long as the puppy is alright, then I am good too.
  7. Not Happening – Green Gables Fables #28 – This is a cute Youtube video series based on the Anne of Green Gables books. This one features Gilbert and Anne who are so very awkward (and mad) but cute together.
  8. Celebrity Kindness: Jessica Chastain opens up about bullying and self-esteem – I was really impressed by what I learned about this actress when I wrote this article. She is a good example of a strong woman who endured difficulties but came out on top of them.
  9. The John Williams Show – This radio show is informative, interesting, funny and touching. I don’t always agree with the host but sure enjoy listening to him all of the time.
  10. Top 10 movies both parents and kids will love – Narrowing this list down was difficult. However, it was such a fun topic to research.

4 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Orthodox Reblogging, Disney Secret Rules, and Kid Movies for Parents Like

  1. jefairgrieve says:

    I’m so glad you included the link to the Orthodox site! And I’m so glad they reblogged your post! That is Ecumenism at its best–one of the outcomes of Vatican II that I find most wonderful. Thank you for all you do, Anna Rose.

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