One Thousand Thanks: 822 – 832. Soothing and Textile Touches

Petting a cat at the pet store

Soft cats are another touch that I am thankful is in the world.

Biology lab has certain taught me this semester that I am not a kinesthetic learner. All of the information in my head refuses to come out and interact with my experiments. Luckily, our professor lets us work in groups, so others help guide me along throughout the projects.

This turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. When I mentioned this last minute to my therapist, she correlated it to both my Aspergers and eating disorder. “How does this affect visualizing how much food to have,” she questioned. Eagerly, I told her of my troubles figuring out portion sizes and other tasks because spatial reasoning is so hard for me. After listening carefully, she stated that she would look into different methods to help me with this problem. Having someone from my eating disorder treatment facility work so much to aid me with the struggles Aspergers brings up in my life is amazing. In the past, they have mostly not believed me. This is a great step in the right direction toward recovery.

Anyway, all of that is to say that touch is probably the hardest sense for me. It is frightening and a bit haunting. When people touch me, I tend to pull away although part of me yearns for contact. Certain clothing is difficult to wear, but other fabrics make me so calm. Thus, I am going to discuss those touches that I like despite how overwhelming this sense can be.

822. Running, fresh water – All water is amazing, but fresh water in the river is the best. Swimming in it makes me feel renewed.

823. Fleece – When this material is very soft, I love to wrap myself in blankets of it.

824. Acupuncture – I loved having this when I lived in residential. One day, I hope to have it again.

825. Grass – On my bare feet this is heavenly!

826. Stuffed animals – They still sleep with me every night.

827. Soft therapy brushes – I liked to using these on my arms for years. Sometimes, I still bring one out to use.

828. Stress balls – Squishing these does indeed relieve stress. It also helps to keep me safe when I feel like using self-harm.

829. Paper – Writing on it, reading it, or smoothing it out – there is something about this simple material that I like to touch.

830. Hugs – These make me nervous, but I do like them.

831. Smooth stones – Whether it is a marble rock or painted mug, the cool surface relaxes me.

832. Mud – My mother will tell you that I found mud in the middle of January one year. I love it.


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4 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 822 – 832. Soothing and Textile Touches

  1. MEM says:

    January in ;zero degree weather!!!!!!!!!!1

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