Me in front of Buckingham Palace

Me standing in front of Buckingham Palace

Here is a poem that I wrote one day. It is not polished but came straight from my heart. Hopefully it will touch you and move you to think. The themes are a bit morbid, I know. However, that is not always a bad thing. There is great suffering in our world, and we should admit that. Then we can strive to bring about healing.


By Anna Rose Meeds


Writing about blonde girls with bright, blue eyes –
That’s too cliché.
So are rain drops, moon beams, apple blossoms,
Roses, tear drops, and snowflakes.


And rhymes.
Rhymes are certainly taboo.


So chilled rain drops pierces a homeless child,
Moon beams capture a fleeing  Jew in Auschwitz,
Apple blossoms lure a butterfly into an invisible web,


Roses impale a baby’s grasping hands,
Tear drops dampen a 10-year-old prostitute’s pillow,
Snowflakes bury the lost hiker’s corpse.


And the teenager,
Blonde hair strewn on the bathroom floor,
Blue eyes frozen like fish eyes
Gazing off into endless space,
Lies unseen beside her razor in a pool of red.


But another literary cliché is being dead,
So her story is never said.


12 thoughts on “Cliche

  1. mihrank says:

    great cliché and photo!

  2. ashokbhatia says:

    Lot of empathy in what you say.

  3. words4jp says:

    Very powerful – a wonderful piece.

  4. MEM says:

    Powerful. Your words and you are truly gifted.

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