Listaliciousness: Motivational Mirrors, Celebrity Response to Me, and Top 10 Lists

So far, my fall break has not been very relaxing. However, I am hopeful that I can find peace and rest even in the business.

I would love feedback on some of these links. They might be a be a bit controversial, and it would be great to discuss them if you have any thoughts.

  1. Top 10 empowering chick flicks – Making this list was lots of fun. What movies would you add to it?
  2. Video: IKEA Motivational Mirror – This is a cool idea. It makes me smile and wish that I had one.
  3. Top 10 Halloween costumes for kids – Writing this was fun. There are many costumes that I wanted to add.
  4. Nicole Scherzinger says her new album helped with her self-esteem issues – Hearing a celebrity talk about eating disorders and low confidence is both saddening and hopeful. People are beginning to cast aside mental illnesses stigma.
  5. Actress Jessica Chastain responds to my post – I wrote about her last week. On Facebook, she wrote a little note and liked the article! What a great payoff for my work.
  6. Top 10 strange desserts – Some of these actually sounded good. What is the oddest dessert that you have ever eaten?
  7. Pierce Brosnan supports disabled artist – This painter is truly amazing. She does her art without use of her hands.

Please share your thoughts

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