Deciding to Take Medicine

Choosing to take medication for mental illness is a difficult choice. People may ridicule your choice, side effects might be brutal, and you might need to go through many different dosages until you find what you need.

However, people who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental disorders can be helped by medication. That decision to take medication is between each person and his or her medical team. However, I encourage that you do not eliminate the possibility that medication can be helpful in recovery.

This video really inspired me. The faith element of it as well as the honesty really inspired me.

So, let’s try to end the stigma on taking medication. You do not need to judge people for taking medication for mental illness. However, not everyone might need it. Having an honest conversation about this topic is important. These drugs can be over-diagnosed, but at other times, people are still frightened about receiving the medical help that they need. Please work to find what works best for you.

I am not ashamed to admit that I take medications for mental illness. For years, this terrified me, and I hated myself for doing so. Now, it is part of what most helps me to recover.

What is your story regarding medication?



14 thoughts on “Deciding to Take Medicine

  1. mewhoami says:

    You’re right. Medication is completely dependant on the needs of each individual. It is no one’s place to say whether it is right or wrong. After all, the one taking or not taking them, is the only one who truly knows what they themselves need.

  2. panikikubik says:

    Great post. I struggled with my panic disorder for years and tried not to take medicine because of the side effects. After getting diagnosed with depression after this terrible year and summer, I decided to try medicine.
    There have been tough sideeffects the first weeks, but now after 5 weeks the sideeffects are almost gone. There are some sideeffects I have to put out with during the treatment and the medication is no magic. I think it’s like eating antibiotics when you have pneumonia. Or painkiller when your leg is broken.

  3. I had been on anti-depressants and panic meds for over 20 years and am grateful beyond measure. I am ready though now and am being weaned from them. I am more than willing to go back if I need to! Great presentation!

  4. I’m actually disappointed that psychiatric drugs are not an option for me. They make me suicidal every single time. Given the big push them and the role they have played in many people’s recovery I am bothered that it’s an avenue completely cut off from me. I do not see this as a problem with myself though, it is a problem with the drugs.

    Thank you for sharing this video. I know many who struggle with this decision.

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