Listaliciousness: Hobbit Flying Safety, Dancing Priests, and Amy Poehler on Body Image Insecurity

My article trending on Google Entertainment

My article trending on Google Entertainment

Here I am ready to start another week! School, play practice, work, homework, sleep, forcing myself to do self-care – here I come. Many wonderful moments are ahead for me as are many difficult ones. However, I am trying to put on my best face and not despair. I preach hope for everyone but often forget to have it for myself. That needs to change.

The list of links this week has many Lord of the Rings related items (as I obviously love) as well as some about faith and fall foods. Some were written by me for my internship or another blog. Others were articles that really touched me or caused me to laugh. Post links to something that moved you this week to share. 🙂

  1. 13 Shocking Fact That Show How Widespread Mental Illness Is – Oh, this breaks my heart but is so important to see. Please read it carefully.
  2. Twitter responses to Oscar de la Renta’s death – This article was for my internship. Before writing it, I knew nothing about this famous fashion designer. Learning more about him and his work was a treat.
  3. Video: The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made – A New Zealand airline made this amazing safety video with (gasp) Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson. It is wonderfully corny and nerdy.
  4. Top 10 recipes with caramel and apples – Because what says fall better? Hopefully, some of these will inspire you.
  5. Grace Under Fire – This Christian blog post addresses how to maintain oneself in a crisis. We can still shine a bright light even in difficult situations. I needed to hear this message.
  6. A Photographer Has Been Doing A Series Where She Puts Herself Into Other Families – This is an interesting concept and cool result. People who think that creativity and art has died should remember people like this woman.
  7. Video: Dancing Priest Become Internet Sensation – A video of tap dancing seminarians has gone viral. It is a bit of fun, light-hearted art.
  8. Top 10 nut desserts – My eating disorder may hate nuts, but I sure love them! Writing this post was fun.
  9. 17 Passages From “Lord of the Rings” Beautifully Recreated In Stained Glass – Awesome. Just breathtaking.
  10. Stop Rushing and Be in God’s Presence – I wrote this for a Catholic blog. It is about slowing down to be in the moment despite this hectic world.
  11. Celebrity Kindness: Amy Poehler stand confident despite imperfections – This comedian and actress inspired me with her blunt honesty about body image issues. However, her remarks do not turn into self-hatred but confidence. Way to go, Amy!



2 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Hobbit Flying Safety, Dancing Priests, and Amy Poehler on Body Image Insecurity

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just love you Anna Rose! I miss you so much. Your blog helps me. Carolyn from EP

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