One Thousand Thanks: 844 – 854. Lovely Sights

I love the look of flowers too.


Closing out my list of thankfulness concerning the senses is sight. We often talk about what we do not like to see concerning ourselves or the world. Blood, pimples, mud, scary images – the list of what we avoid looking at could continue on for many people.

However, there are probably even more things that we enjoy seeing. This list is honors those images that stick with us and make a positive impact on our lives.

844. Dimples – I wish that I had some.

845. Reflections on water – The sun on water is especially lovely.

846. Forests in the fall – The look of the colorful leaves against the dull bark and clear sky makes me sigh with joy.

847. Pink – It makes me happy and is my favorite color.

848. Wild horses running – You rarely ever see that. I don’t know anyone who has in person. Maybe I will sometime.

849. Tears of joy – So sweet and beautiful.

850. Bookstores or libraries – Anything filled with books is amazing.

851. A friendly grin – All smiles are beautiful.

852. Ballerinas – Their fluidity and grace astounds me.

853. Tea – Just any tea in general is wonderful

854. Butterflies – They are fragile but have hidden strength. If you look at what they go through in life and how they transform, their beauty seems even more extreme.


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