Our Biggest Failure As Artists

This relates to my artwork and fears so much.

Along the Barren Road

504150061_b7823eed43Some of the most asked questions of creative people are ones surrounding the creative process. Where do you get your ideas? Do you know what the finished product looks like before you start?  How do I become a writer, a sculptor, a painter, etc?  Any one that is an artist can attest to the fact that we have just as little clue to the answers of those questions as the ones asking them.  It feels good when someone admires our creative, but it isn’t in the same way a mechanic feels after bringing a car back to life or a salesman after closing a big deal.  Those people know that a big portion of their success had to do with a series of steps they took, and they feel like they could replicate that success again and again.  Artists know they had a little to do with their creations, but they…

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