Coping Skills: #66. Text a Friend

Mario and Anna Rose on the phone

On the phone with Mario copying me

“Are you doing alright?” A friend looked me straight in the eyes and inquired about my emotional state the other day.

“Yes.” I replied at first on autopilot. Then, I stopped and was honest. “No. Today is a struggle.”

She smiled knowingly and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Would you like to talk? I have to work later. However, if you need me, just call.”

I shook my head and continued on with the day. However, suicidal feelings and depression only increased. Finally, I realized that I needed help to get through the week. Instead of hurting myself or giving into despair, I contacted my friend to ask for help. She came over and just listened as I struggled to rely my thoughts.

People often gripe about texting. It is a form of communication that I am not totally comfortable with although I am getting better at it. Yet, this swift way of getting in touch with others can be a very helpful coping skill.

You want to be careful what you disclose in a text. Think first about what your purpose is. Do you feel like you are in danger? Then be to the point and ask for what you need at that moment. If you are feeling a bit down, be honest but do not over-exaggerate or joke about being in a worse place or wanting to hurt yourself.

Secondly, think about who you are writing to and how that will affect your message. Is it a friend who also has the same struggles? Then you might want to consider the possibility of triggers. Is is a family member who helps you remain safe? Then let them know how dire the situation is.

Finally, follow up on the message. Often a simple text is not enough to get you through a difficult situation or day. Either send multiple texts, call the person, or meet up with them. Pair this with another coping skill if you need to do so.

Texting is certainly not a coping skill that I thought I would be using. However, it can be very helpful for getting a hold of people quickly. Now, I realize that its value for my mental health.

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