Opening Night Jitters and Joys

Hailie, Graham, and Anna Rose in a scene

The scene that takes place in a Italian museum

Our play is officially off to an amazing start! After our two performances, all of us actors were drained but mostly joyous to be in such a life-changing show. Plus, our audiences were responsive and receptive despite the provoking topics and artistic nature of our performances.

Now that we are opened, I can divulge a bit more about this show. It centered on creativity, art, and faith. However, so many different aspects were touched in the show that few people (if anyone) expected. In fact, we actors had no idea what direction the play was going for a while.

Anyway, so many characters and stories were meshed into the show from grandparents with dementia to girls fighting about a nude statue in an art museum. People, including the cast, were both laughing and crying throughout the piece.

My character was very raw and difficult because she had to expose many of my fears, dreams, and secrets. You see her go from a mother back to a teenager afraid of the human body to a mentally ill girl who hears music that inspires her to become characters in novels. The whole experience sounds strange and is a roller coaster of emotions. By the end, I feel like sobbing and taking a long nap. Yet, another part of me is so energized. Displaying the deepest longings (such as those for love or to be seen as alluring) is frightening but also freeing. There is no other way that I would salsa dance like Carmen except in this play, but doing it feels like a huge release.

So the jitters and joys of today have resolved in a peaceful evening. Roses on my desk from my wonderful sister Christine make the day even better than I could have imagined. Add my mother and father’s hugs as they told me how proud they were and Mario’s sweet affirmations. That is what I call a successful opening night.

As one of the lines in the show states, “As long as we keep our gaze up, nothing else matters.”


8 thoughts on “Opening Night Jitters and Joys

  1. mewhoami says:

    Love this! What a great way to work through your fears. So happy that opening night was a hit!

  2. dilip says:

    Interesting and touching! Thank you.

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