Being Comfortable in Our Own Skin

How many people can admit to being comfortable with their appearance? Oddly enough, those who are sometimes are criticized as being vain or deluded. Why is it that characters in movies and books who are confident in their appearance are Gaston in Beauty and the Beast or the self-consumed mean girl?

This video brought tears to my eyes. The truth of it hit me really hard. As we grow up, we listen to what other people say about our bodies and take those cruel comments as truths. Instead of seeing our bright green eyes, we focus on our freckles. The lumpy shape of our calves blinds us to the dimples on our cheeks. Our rosy blush is seen as awkward instead of charming.

When is the last time that you felt comfortable in your own skin? Think back to when you were younger. How would you have answered the question about changing yourself as a child as opposed to now?

As a little girl, I did want to fly and breathe underwater. Those dreams and fantasies were more important than being thin or acne-free. Now, I am not so sure. Wings would be wonderful, but the sad truth is that losing a few pounds sounds so tempting even compared to that.

I want to return to a state of confidence in my body. That journey will be difficult and will take time. However, it is possible to come to a place of acceptance. I have met others who have been in a similar place to me and now love themselves. Will every day be perfect? No. Everyone has doubts. Still, we can all come to appreciate and be comfortable in our own skin.


2 thoughts on “Being Comfortable in Our Own Skin

  1. This is very true and powerful!

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