Coping Skills: #67. Go Home

Family in winter

My family one winter years ago

After a long week at school and many lonely moments, I love being home. All of this week, my heart yearned to be held by my mother and hear my father’s hilarious jokes. Giggling with Mario or blushing as Christine teased me sounded like wonderful scenarios. Even better, Thanksgiving is drawing near which means that Maria will be returning so that we all can be cheered by her radiant smile.

Home can be a difficult place to return for some people. For others, however, returning brings back a sense of safety, comfort, warmth, and relaxation. No one can harm you. Your parents once again stand guard to keep you out of harm’s way.

Sure, that outlook is a bit idealized. However, do you remember the last time that you felt perfectly safe? That has been a long time ago for me. Most instances were when my family surrounded me at home.

For you, home might not be where you grew up or lived most of your life. Perhaps it is a friend’s house, church, or even the new place that you just bought. Whatever the case, this space can be retreated to when the need should arise.

Here are a few instances of when you might want to go home:

  • To recover from hardship
  • To rely on someone trustworthy instead of holding a burden yourself
  • To rejoice after good news
  • To mourn after bad news
  • To relax and rejuvenate
  • To reconnect with your past and/or young self

Those are only a few times that this coping skill might be helpful. There is no shame in running home when you need to do so. This can be a wise decision that helps you greatly. Instead of trying to be strong and face life alone, we need to take a break and rely on others sometimes.

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