Recovery in the Media: #63. Moriah Peters

moriah peters brave

Bubbly and upbeat, this young artist sings about her faith and staying bright despite the darkness in life.

63. Selected Moriah Peter songs

My mother sometimes sends me songs to cheer me up and provide strength. Around a month ago, one of the songs was “You Carry Me.” The music was upbeat and catchy while the lyrics buoyed my spirits. As I researched a bit more about this Christian artist, I came to like her bubbly, youthful style more and more. Hopefully you will feel a bit of brightness in your day as you hear her.

Selected Songs:

    • “Sing in the Rain” from her I Choose Jesus album
    • “Brave” from her Brave album
    • “No Shame” from her I Choose Jesus album
    • “You Carry Me” from her Brave album
    • “Bloom” from her I Choose Jesus album

Recovery Pluses: First of all, “Sing in the Rain” speaks about wanting a happy life. We all wish, like Moriah sings, that our days were “carefree, sunny, never cloudy.” However, troubles and trials await everything. Instead of giving up in those hard times, the young singer turns to her faith. She admits that storms will comes and growing will hurt but believes that God will help her through the pain as she sings in the rain. The concept of singing in the storms of life might be a bit cliche but still holds true.

Fear holds us back so often. By being brave, we can accomplish so much more than living in terror. “Brave” address this issue. “Rising like a warrior” is not simple especially for those of us with anxiety. That does not mean we should live our lives controlled by fears. This song is very empowering for me as I try to stand up for myself and others instead of giving into my worries.

Sometimes, I feel so ashamed of myself that I want to die. “No Shame” speaks to that emotion. “You’re crushed and you’re hopeless,” the lyrics state. However, they do not end with that dismal feeling. Instead, Moriah promises listeners that God knows everything and still loves. For anyone who is religious, this concept is so powerful. Think about someone loving you and taking away your shame no matter what. Even if you are not Christian, I hope that you can hear hope and forgiveness in this song.

The song “You Carry Me” helped me through a rough time. Relying on a strength outside of my own is so important for my recovery. We need to realize that others carry us. There are hopefully many people that are providing you with courage and support as you journey through life. These include medical caregivers, family, friends, support groups, pets, and God. Being strong is important, but doing so alone is not necessary. Sometimes, we need to lean on others to get us through the hard moments.

Finally, “Bloom” is speaking to a girl who is struggling to know her worth. The song tenderly promises that this woman has worth beyond what she can perceive in the moment. Often, we forget our potential. The message of this song is that you will not only bloom into who you are meant to be but also that you are already more precious than you can imagine.

Cautions: All of Moriah Peters’ music is clean.

Normally, I do not listen to many Christian musicians. Their music tends to irritate me a bit although I feel guilty admitting that. However, the bubbly and upbeat songs by Moriah Peters have captured my attention. She certainly is talented. Instead of just singing about happy issues, she addresses hardships with a cheerful attitude. When I am feeling depressed, hearing her helps lift my spirits a bit. Hopefully, her lyrics and beautiful voice can brighten your day too.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery in the Media: #63. Moriah Peters

  1. I love “You Carry Me”. It’s such an awesome song. I pretty much only listen to Christian music. Mostly because I don’t like a lot of songs they play on the radio nowadays. I don’t think I’ve heard most of Moriah Peters other songs though. I’ll have to look them up sometime.

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