One Thousand Thanks: 866 – 876. Favorite School Classes

The Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library where I spent hours studying in Oxford

Today, my adviser helped me to pick my schedule for the spring. Just thinking about my last semester at the university is frightening. Where will my life go from here? How will I adjust to the “real world”? What about all of the courses that I longed to take but will never be able to anymore?

Part of me feels like leaving this school will be breaking off a part of myself. Instead of dwelling on this fear and sorrow, I am trying to remember that I still have more than a full semester left. Right now, there is still left to enjoy my school experience. Here are some of the classes that I am most thankful for taking over the course of my college years.

866. Jane Austen and the Rise of the Female Author – Learning this from a great tutor at Oxford University was one of my best learning opportunities. Not only did I love the woman we learned from, the information helped me to understand history and literature more. Plus being in England at Oxford made it even better.

867. Writing of Poetry – Although difficult, this class helped me to write and pay attention about word choice.

868. Education Foundations – Through this class, I learned that being a teacher was not my calling although I did enjoy working with children.

869. Introduction to Literary Studies – Dr. Jones became one of my favorite professors. This class convinced me to keep a literature minor.

870. Biblical Worldview: Personal Responsibility – I grew so much in my faith during this class despite difficult moments. It really stretched me.

871. Honors: Modern Shakespearean Fiction – Once again, Dr. Jones made this an awesome class. Plus, Shakespeare is one of my favorite writers.

872. Writing Theory and Ethics – I am in this class right now and loving it so far. It is super helpful as a writer.

873. C.S. Lewis: Imagination and Intellect – Another class from Oxford, this one taught me to view an amazing and theologian in a different light. Lewis became both more human and more amazing as I learned more.

874. Freelance Journalism – All of the journalism classes that I have taken deeply inspired me. This one helped me have the courage to start marketing myself.

875. Speech – Without this, my fear of people would be much greater. I learned that I do have some talent as a presenter and persuader.

876. Advanced Grammar Syntax – At moments, this class seemed unbearable. However, making it through the difficulty was a success. Now I understand more about the English language.


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5 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 866 – 876. Favorite School Classes

  1. MEM says:

    Don’t forget to mention kindergarten 101 with your mom!

  2. ladygracet says:

    I don’t know kindergarten 101 sounds like a college course to me

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