Coping Skills: #68. Dance

Looking in the mirror after dance

I was so excited to dance that I even wore shorts which I have not done in years.

Last night, I had plans to go out with some artistic friends for an event. My excitement at not being alone faded into social anxiety and longing to be introverted. Talking with people and spending the evening out made my thoughts race into scary places.

So, instead I decided to stay at the dorms and join into the hall dance contest. Every hall in my dorm had choreographed a routine to an older song as well as a newer one. My only experience with my hall’s dance was from watching it a few times. However, the performer inside of me kicked into gear. While going out and viewing art while making small talk terrified me, grooving out in front of a huge crowd sounded like fun

That is how I ended up joining the dance less than an hour before performing. Going up there and smiling while jamming to the beat reminded me of being on stage during musicals. Doing it was the most fun I experienced since the opening of our show several Mondays ago.

Afterward, people kept complimenting me on how I was having fun and really into the music. Although a bit embarrassed, I felt proud of myself and my hall. We gave it our all and had lots of fun.

Dancing can be a great coping skill. Whether you are performing for an audience or your mirror, it can be a great way to release emotions and boost your mood. Also, this skill gets your blood pumping and releases endorphin or chemicals that elevate your mood.

Depending on the music, you can experience different types of feelings. Ballet can be calming or tempestuously strong as opposed to the boot-stomping country music. Rap has a powerful feeling while pop is more upbeat. Musicals bring in lots of emotion, but jazz has a smoothness. Those are just a few of the interpretations that you dancing might be to those genres. Really, your moves are whatever works best in the moment and brings the greatest sense of calm, exhilaration, and/or relief.

When I am down, listening to music helps. Dancing along with the beat is even better. There is something about a good melody that makes us want to move in beat and keep the emotion. That is part of the reason that dancing is such a great coping skill.

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13 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #68. Dance

  1. panikikubik says:

    So true and I’m so glad you danced! Me myself is going to sign up for a dancecourse in Flamenco in january. 🙂

  2. angelsolvers says:

    nice….also see my blog

  3. And it’s great exercise – I love dancing!
    Diana xo

  4. You are a true entertainer!!

  5. Megan Reece says:

    Yaay! Nostalgia Night! I am glad you could join them last minute Anna Rose. Wish I could have danced alongside you guys 🙂 I can’t wait to see the video though!!

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