Recovery in the Media: #64. Big Hero 6

64. Big Hero 6

As anyone who has read my blog regularly probably knows, Big Hero 6 is one of my new favorite movies. Ever since seeing it last Sunday, I have not stopped raving about it to all of my friends. Thus, this post on Media Monday should not come as too much of a surprise. Hopefully, this review will convince you to see this film if none of my other comments about it have.

Big Hero 6

This film is more than just a fun kid’s movie; it is a great piece of art, humor, and inspiration.

Synopsis: Hiro might have graduated high school by the age of 13, but he certainly is not using his brains to make a difference in the world. That bothers his older and similarly brainy brother Tadashi. The older boy is attending a university and invented a robot named Baymax who can access one’s health state and provide any medical attention needed. Sure, that might not be too exciting in Hiro’s eyes, but he still loves his older brother. When a tragedy darkens the young adolescent’s life, this squishy robot might be the answer to his emotional as well as physical pain. Recovery Pluses: What is there about this movie that was not positive? Honestly, I found this film helpful if only for the fact that it made me laugh. Humor is such an important part of recovery. This movie was clean, silly and enjoyable for all ages. Even in children’s films, finding one like this is a difficult task.

There are many other inspiring, recovery-focused messages. Emotional health is shown as just as important as physical health. Many times, Baymax attempts to better Hiro’s depression and comments about the changes in his brain when the boy’s mood improves. Also, the robot downloads information on emotional distress to make himself a better caregiver. This is a great message to have about the importance of all types of illnesses and health.

Revenge vs. mercy is discussed as is loss, depression, growing up, family, impacting the world in a positive way, supporting others in pain, etc. The list of elements of this movie that inspired me could go on for the rest of this post. However, I will let you see it for yourself and witness those moments.

Cautions: There is a good deal of action in this film, and several characters die or are seriously harmed. Thus, it is rated PG. However, very little potty humor and no negative language or suggestive themes are present.

Now, I could continue to discuss my love for Big Hero 6 or just once again urge you to see it. A coworker was making fun of adults who went to this movie the other day. Normally, my reaction is to duck my head and feel ashamed. Instead, I spoke up and stated that this was a wonderful film. “Everyone who I have seen walk into the theater has loved it!” The coworker was a bit shocked at my response and certainly did not believe me. However, that is the truth; all who I have talked to or witnessed loved this animated feature. So, go out and fall in love with it for yourself.

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