Tipping Fast Food Workers $100

Many times, we go through life oblivious to those around us. Many people work in thankless jobs that are wearying emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. These include servers, cleaners, fast food workers, garbage collectors, nannies and many more people.

As a child, I began to notice these people who seemed as forgotten as me. Thus, they deserved my thanks and attention. People look at me strange when I thank them for mopping the floor or buckling me into the roller coaster. However, I hope that my short words touch them.

Showing unexpected love to those who are often ignored is very important. This touches not only them but us as well as we become more perceptive and open to the needs of others. We all need to realize every member of our community and how we all make an impact on the world. Even those who have seemingly unimportant jobs are people with struggles, joys, and ways of changing society for the better.


6 thoughts on “Tipping Fast Food Workers $100

  1. MEM says:

    The end of this video is absolutely AMAZING! So are you, Anna Rose.

  2. Occasionally I run into this man in my neighborhood. He’s obvously schizophrenic. He wears ‘shoes’ that are two sticks tied to strings, and I keep thinking every time I see him, if I just had the money, I’d buy him a pair of decent shoes.

    Unfortunately, I’m struggling way too hard myself financially, fighting to support my feral cat and two others that sneak into the house and want food, and myself, of course.

    My neighbor was terrified of this man, but I’ve seen him feeding a feral cat once, with money he obviously barely has. And anyone who does that can’t be bad.

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