Listaliciousness: WW2 Christmas Ad, Prison Dance, and the Cinderella Movie

It's Not You, It's My PTSD

Memories haunt, words remind, fears remain, but I will survive.

Today was extremely stressful. Work has highly triggered my PTSD to the point where I feel almost unable to cope. However, I am hanging in there and trying to remain calm. Wonderful friends helped today to be better as well as my managers. Still, others do not understand mental illness and grow frustrated with my inability to be “normal” or just take a joke.

Anyway, here are some links for you. Finding them was a bit more difficult this week for some reason. Instead of looking at the rest of the web, I focused on WordPress. Most of them are from bloggers that I greatly respect. Hopefully you will enjoy the articles.

  1. It’s Time to Stop to Stop Saying Thank You – Sounds strange if you just read the title. However, this is a wonderful and inspiring article.
  2. Video: Sainsbury’s offical Christmas 2014 Ad – Simply beautiful. This reminds me of shopping there in Oxford.
  3. Autism – We Share a Label – Not a Life – Wow, this is an great article that I really agreed with about how everyone with autism is unique. A label does not define everything about me or anyone else.
  4. Outrageous Happiness #12: Love What You Do – Another wonderful blog, this one discusses people who did what they loved as well as how to incorporate that into our own lives. I like how it is realistic but also hopeful.
  5. Top 10 television shows that should be musicals – What do you think? I wrote this after a great deal of thought.
  6. Video: Prison Father-Daughter Dance – This brought tears to my eyes. What an uplifting and beautiful idea.
  7. Over-Responsibility and Self-Blame – Some people blame others for everything that goes wrong. Others beat themselves up for abuse or other things out of their control. This is a great article to read regarding people who have been deeply wounded by others or traumatic events.
  8. Costumes and Trailer for the Upcoming Cinderella Movie – Eek! I am so excited for this!
  9. How to become an English scholar without really trying – This is a hilarious article by a great friend of mine. Plus, it is pretty true.
  10. Letter to the editor: Exercise column inspired new perspective – I wrote this in to a newspaper near my town and was thrilled to be published.



5 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: WW2 Christmas Ad, Prison Dance, and the Cinderella Movie

  1. jenovotny says:

    I love the variety of this list. Interesting stuff.

  2. MEM says:

    I must be your #1 fan with how often I comment on your blog, Anna Rose, but I really really super like your Listaliciousness blogs.Thank you.

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