One Thousand Thanks: 888 – 899. New People in My Life This Year

Holidays are never easy times for me. Thanksgiving is one of the worst. Food, lots of people, the expectation of joy, and pressure to be perfect all wear me out quickly. My family will attest that my tolerance for noise, action, and teasing is very low. Instead of being the loving sister and daughter I long to be, I snap when Mario starts goofing around, cringe at my sisters’ laughter, and fail to sit still through family activities. The fact that my family still loves me and is thankful for me is a huge blessing that I feel unworthy of having.

Anyway, I do enjoy looking at the wonderful moments of the past year and stating my thankfulness. One question that my family pondered was who were new people that we met and were touched by in the past year. There were so many people who popped into my head. Here are some of them.

888. Rachel R – I mentioned her in the last post, but she deserves to be in this one too. Her friendship has been such a blessing because of her undying hope and joy for others.

889. Simon – He was in charge of us in Oxford. His mentorship and help during difficult times made the trip so much better. I wish that I could talk with him again.

890. Kaitlyn K – It is crazy to think that I just met my roommate last winter. She is such a blessing with her beautiful smile and caring heart.

891. Katie B – My other roommate is equally as wonderful. I love our dance parties and laughing together.

892. Tina – Being with this wise, caring, and perky woman in Oxford was such a blessing. We need to meet up again! You will do great things, girl!

893. Callie – Another wonderful person who studied with me in Oxford, she is full of humor but also so kind. Stay wonderful! I know that our paths will cross again.

894. Brian – The director of the show I am in, Brian has truly changed my life. He helped me be way more than I ever thought possible and open up raw parts of my heart to the world.

895. Hannah N – Honestly, I wish we were sisters. She is in the show with me right now and always knows how to care for me best.

896. Hailee – Another cast member, she is a wonderful artist and deep soul. Yelling at her in the show has been great fun. 🙂

897. Emma P – One of my tutors in England, Emma is one of the most confident and clever women that I have ever met. She showed me how to be strong but vulnerable.

898. Graham – Ah, what can I say? From the show I am in, this guy plays my son and is such a sweetheart. He makes me laugh even when I am miserable.

899. Everyone from Oxford and TOP – I had so much trouble choosing this list. Everyone from Oxford and who is in the show with me should be on this list too. I love them all, and they changed my life for the better.


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