Being a Hopeful Romantic

My family all rolled their eyes and laughed when I announced yesterday that I am a romantic soul. “We always knew that,” they claimed. Strangely enough, it was I who forgot that part of myself. Not until the show I am in started did I realize how deeply embedded that is as part of my personality.

Being a romantic (I hate putting the word “hopeless” in front of that word) does not mean that I am obsessed with relationships or crushes. Instead, I long for something deeper, more passionate, and bigger than myself. Adventure, creativity, beauty, and joy are just a few of the traits that are important to me.

If you are a romantic, you might be quickly drained and easily hurt. Life is far more painful and stressful when you live on a deeper level. However, it is almost more beautiful and meaningful.

Perhaps my paper plane will never lead me to the person of my dreams. That does not mean I need to lose hope or stop being romantic. Instead, my passions and desire to live fully will continue to bring excitement and love for others into each day.

Being romantic in a world of sarcasm, negativity, and fear is no easy feat. The struggle to remain hopeful still plagues me. However, I refuse to give up this mindset. I am truly a romantic in my deepest heart.


4 thoughts on “Being a Hopeful Romantic

  1. I’m also sarcastic, but I use sarcasm because it takes away the pain. I love adventures and had been obsessed with them as a teen. I long for adventures and beauty of nature and animals every day of my life.

    keep it up.

  2. jenovotny says:

    I am right there with you. Also, that is a wonderful short.

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