Listaliciousness: Rapping Worship, Homemade Breads, and Gender Equality For All

Singers in Oxford

In honor of my links regarding studying abroad in Oxford and religious singing, here is a picture of some people who sang wonderfully at the Blackfriars Mass and vespers in Oxford.

This Thanksgiving break has been both a blessing and struggle. Mostly I feel awful for working the past six days at least 8 hours each day (but mostly more) instead of spending time with my family. However, today at work, a couple came up and raved about my service to me as well as my manager and then online. The fact that my small interaction touched them brought tears to my eyes. I want to be able to love people even if I am only taking their order, bringing them food, or smiling at them. Everyone can add light into the lives of others.

Anyway, this crazy work schedule is the reason I did not get out a blog yesterday. I feel really awful about that. That is the third one this year. Instead of beating myself up, I am continuing to attempt self-compassion. Preaching that is one thing, but following it is so much harder.

That all aside, here are some links. There are some fun videos as well as top ten lists and mental health articles. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving tablescapes – Thanksgiving is past, but you might enjoy this post that I wrote on tablescapes.
  2. Rapping With God…Or Not – This is a beautiful post with a very fun video and great song. I loved every moment of it.
  3. Video: Former President George Bush Senior and Barbara Bush on Kiss-Cam – Older couples in love is so sweet. No matter your political views, I hope that you can enjoy this moment.
  4. 27 Reasons Studying Abroad in England Ruins Your Life – I miss Oxford so much. This list had many points that I resonate with fully.
  5. Depression Can Be a Threshold for Transformation – Although I have heard much of this information before, it is still so helpful to remind myself of when I am struggling.
  6. 12 Ways to Get Beyond Perfectionism – Great tips! Many are ones that I want to grow better at using.
  7. Top 10 homemade breads – This is another post that I wrote for Celebrity Cafe. Many of these loaves sound wonderful.
  8. Let’s look for a way forward, not who to blame – This is a very wise post that does not blame men for the struggles that women have. Instead, the author focuses on equality for both men and women.
  9. Video: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge for #MND – Aw, this is so cute and funny! 🙂
  10. Great people quote by Amy Poehler – Wise words from a clever woman.

3 thoughts on “Listaliciousness: Rapping Worship, Homemade Breads, and Gender Equality For All

  1. secretangel says:

    Thanks for linking my posting. I really appreciate your support. Many blessings to you!

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