Top Ten Signs You Are Burned-Out

On the plane home from Oxford

Returning from Oxford, I was tired but not burned-out.

Working without breaks six days in a row before returning to college really drained me. I have tried to pretend that everything is fine and I can take on any task thrown at me. However, the reality is I feel like I am beginning to break down because of my workload and busy schedule.

Being overextended is part of the lives of millions. Our society convinces us that rushing from one thing to another is normal. Yet, that is not healthy. Look at the people who are constantly bustling from place to place without reflecting on where they have been or what they have seen. Do they seem more at peace or happy? Probably not. Then why do we try to force ourselves to mimic their lifestyles?

Don’t know if you are leading a life that will lead to burn-out and weariness? Here are a few signs that you might be headed in that direction or already there. If you find that you are in such a place, there is no need to panic. Being burned-out is reversible. With rest, the ability to say “No,” and self-care, you can get to a better place in life.

Also, know that I am not judging you if these are issues you are dealing with currently. In fact, most of them come from straight from my own experience right now. Being burned-out does not make you an awful person. However, a change is needed if you want to live a healthy life.

  1. Overeating – Stress makes many people begin to overeat. Recently, this has bothered me again, and it is terrifying. The lack of control in one’ s life can be mirrored by eating more than one really wants to consume.
  2. Falling asleep during the day – This is usually a sign that you need more rest especially if you do it at strange times like when taking a bath, during a meeting, or attending  class.
  3. Missing or arriving late work, school, and/or meetings – I feel awful getting places late so often. That was never a problem for me before this semester. Now, I struggle to make it anywhere on time. This is a common struggle for those who are too busy.
  4. Snapping at loved ones – Anxiety and tension are higher for people that are burned-out. Without meaning to be cruel, they can take out their frustration on others.
  5. Not waking up – Keep pushing the snooze button? You might not be getting enough sleep in the first place. The weariness might be part of the reason you cannot get out of bed.
  6. Ignoring friends – Sometimes, businesses causes us to choose between friendship and work. Too often, we put relationships at risk by focusing on running around trying to accomplish more than is possible.
  7. Feeling trapped – We are usually not as trapped as we feel. Jobs can be quit, relationships can be cut, or moves can be made. Change can be difficult, but it is possible. When you are burned-out, the loss of control is even worse. Everything feels set in stone and unable to change.
  8. Lack of passion – Even activities that you love can become mere acts that you have to do. Art, teaching, nursing – all of them can lose the spark that drew you to them in the first place. Being burned-out makes this happen.
  9. Wasting time instead of working – Sounds strange, right? However, I often waste time when drained instead of getting work done. This might be watching YouTube videos for hours, rearranging a room, or perfecting the look of an unimportant document. None of these are bad things, but they add more stress when one realizes the time that was wasted.
  10. Feeling sluggish – Even walking can be difficult after a little while. Simply staying alive is a wearying task.

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You Are Burned-Out

  1. Reblogged this on Prayers and Promises and commented:
    This is so true, especially during the Holiday Season. Take a break and rest in Him. Jesus is waiting for us to sit down at the table with Him!

  2. celinemurray says:


  3. amkelby says:

    I love this post – mostly because it summarizes my life at the current moment. The end of a semester is always a busy season. And sometimes it can break a person. Learning how to manage stress is very important! 🙂

  4. amberdayne says:

    I have experienced all of these, at the same time. It probably has to partly deal with my mild depression but also, college is so stressful. And it just brings it onto us.

  5. Megan Reece says:

    This was good Anna Rose. We often push ourselves way too far and it is important to be able to see the signs and know yourself well enough to recognize when you are burning yourself out.

  6. laureneclyne says:

    These signs are right on the mark! It’s so important to be at peace. I think that there are times in our lives where we have to juggle a lot, but one person can not handle that amount of stress for an extended period of time!

  7. I think it is good that you use this post to pin-point the specific areas where we may notice how burnt out we actually are. It’s good to sit back and think about how much is on your plate and whether or not you just need a break or not. Great post, Anna Rose! 🙂

  8. josiah319 says:

    Timely post. I know my friendships have suffered because I’ve put put my work ahead of them. Thanks for your honest opinion and encouragement.

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