One Thousand Thanks: 900 – 910. Gifts Given

My cat Princess sleeping

Princess was one of the best gifts I ever received.

If you have ever heard of the five love languages, you know how you best receive and give love. Mine are gifts and words of affirmation. Thus, Christmas is a wondrous (if expensive) time of year for me. Creating or shopping for presents brings a joy that few other things can.

Today, I began to do my shopping. Hopefully – based on my budget – the presents are mostly bought. However, there is more that I need to get at some point. Anyway, it seemed like now would be a great time for a list of presents I have given that I am thankful for as well as why gifting is such a wonderful activity.

900. The look of surprise – When you get the right present and shock someone or give a gift that was not expected, the look on the receiver’s face is worth the price.

901. Mockingjay secret – Christine and I tricked Maria to come to the movie theater. Then I took all of us to see Mockingjay. Maria was shocked and very excited. The night with my sisters turned into a blast!

902. Stumbling across the right present – That feeling when you magically find the right gift is so rewarding.

903. Africa the leopard – My friend Ruth kept a stuffed animal that I gave her for a long time. Her attachment to it was sweet.

904. Thinking creatively – When you have someone difficult to shop for, you simply need to use some creative thinking. There is always something that will work if you think of numerous different options like dates, making something, preforming a song, etc.

905. The book of notes – One year, I had lots of friends and family write letters of love to my sister Maria. These were compiled in a book and given to her.

906. Learning compassion – How better to learn compassion than when you put yourself in the shoes of someone else? The best gift-givers learn to do this.

907. Earrings – Several of my friends have been gifted earrings by me. Seeing them wear the jewelry makes me so happy.

908. Showing your care – When I give gifts, I want people to realize how much I love them. It may only be a small token, but it shows my deep appreciation and care.

909. Flowers for the pianist – One Lent, I gave some flowers to the church choir pianist. Her joyful smile made my day so much brighter.

910. Cookies for teachers – My mom taught me to care for teachers, choir directors, and others in positions of authority or education. We gave them gifts like cookies, flowers, candles, etc. This instilled great respect for others and longing to give gifts in me.

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