Starting the Morning Strong

Staying strong and focused on recovery is extremely difficult. Whether you have depression, alcoholism, or bipolar disorder, finding hope to keep fighting for a healthy life is wearying at times. Many days, your strength seems to fail, and relapse seems like the only option.

However, there is hope and possibility for change. One huge advocate for that has been Demi Lovato. Reading her book of daily inspirations or meditations has helped me to center myself and begin my days on a strong note.

The way we wake up can make a huge difference on the rest of our day. Yes, one can turn around negativity to make the day better. However, it is far simpler to start the morning in a healthy and hopeful mindset.

There are many ways that you can begin the morning in a good place. Reading books like Demi’s, praying, taking a walk, eating with loved ones, or listening to uplifting music are a few ideas. Being alone might be helpful for some people while others might crave the attention of someone else. Find what brings you into a healthy place as you begin the day.

Trying to focus on recovery and my faith right away when I wake up has helped me to have more energy and hope for the whole day. There are still difficult moments, but I now have more strength to get through them. Staying strong is never a simple task, but it is possible with the right tools.


2 thoughts on “Starting the Morning Strong

  1. Jason Ellis says:

    Nice, very encouraging example. I would like to add an idea. Being strong means you know you can keep on going, being independent but has the wisdom to outwit all those devastating situations.

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