One Thousand Thanks: 911 – 921. Tremendous TV Shows

Television was not a normal pastime in my house. Sure, my sisters and I giggled over Zaboomafoo, Blue’s Clues, and one Barney episode that my grandmother had. However, our family rarely watched any shows.

In my high school years, I discovered Disney Channel shows and watched them online from Wizards of Waverly Place to Even Stevens. Yes, that is a bit embarrassing to admit. Since then, my tastes have changed. There are certain shows that really impacted me while others just made me smile. Here is a list of the key ones.

911. Once Upon a Time – This is the one show that I watch regularly. Seeing all of the wonderful fairy tale characters in a new light is wonderful. The characters are all interesting and deeper than they appear.

912. Downton Abbey – The richness of culture, beautiful setting, and fabulous acting make this British show one of my favorites.

913. Phil of the Future – This old Disney show is so cute and fun. Sure, it is a bit corny, but I love it all the same.

914. Sherlock – For one thing, Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant as is Martin Freeman. Secondly, Sherlock Holmes is amazing. Thirdly, this show is a brilliant modern adaptation. Once again, British television is wonderful.

915. Gilligan’s Island – Sure this is an oldie, but it sure is funny. Every episode is hilarious.

916. Doctor Who – Once again, here is a great British show. The idea for it is unique and interesting.

917. Phineas and Ferb – The two creative boys in this cartoon make something new each day while their sister attempts to “bust them” by alerting her parents. This children’s show is one of the most clever I have seen in a long time.

918. Boys Before Flowers – This is a strange addition, but I do like this Japanese and Korean drama. Both are unique and strange but wonderful.

919. Fruit Basket – A cute story about a sweet girl who helps a cursed family, this manga is amazing. The anime version is shorter but still great.

920. Mindy and Mork – Robin Williams introduced me to this show. It has all of his charm and talent in a quirky way.

921. Touched by an Angel – There are a few memories that I have of watching this as a child. Something about it impacted me strongly. Now, it brings back good memories.

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