Listaliciousness: Walking on Water, Sherlock Theme Park, and Animals in Heaven

Swans on St. Croix

Swans on the St. Croix River outside my house

Have you ever felt both guilty about not serving people more and hurt because no one cares for you as much as you do for them? This has plagued me for much of my life but was especially difficult today. I long to be selfless, but being overlooked or taken advantage of stings.

On to cheerier matters, here are my weekly links. Art, nature, and England seemed to be the main themes. Perhaps that is not so hard to believe seeing how much I love all of those topics. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 gingerbread recipes – In time for the holidays, here is an article that I wrote. Many of the recipes sound yummy.
  2. Video: People Walking on a Clear Lake in the Mountains – Wow, this is amazing! Imagine walking on such a place.
  3. Sherlock Theme Park Being Built – Eek! Here is another reason that I want to return to England.
  4. Shimmering Art of 80,000 Watch Plates to Walk Through – What a beautiful idea. Artists are so creative and always making new masterpieces.
  5. I Repeat: Mental Illness IS Physical Illness – Simple but to the point. Not much more needs to be said about this topic than this talented and wise blogger writes in her post.
  6. Video: Inside Out trailer 2 – This new Pixar movie looks interesting. I look forward to seeing what this brilliant studio does with this idea.
  7. Holiday Lights from around the World – My family has always enjoyed looking at Christmas lights. Here are some pretty ones from around the world.
  8. Pope Francis Says Animals Might Go to Heaven – Aw, this made my heart so happy. I have always hoped for this.
  9. Video: Kids React to Cat Videos – Cats are some of my favorite animals. Seeing children react makes these videos even better.
  10. Prince William and Kate Release 3 New Photos of Prince George – What cute pictures! He is a charming little guy.

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