One Thousand Thanks: 922 – 932. Free Time

Stump in stream

Sometimes we need to stop and take a break instead of rushing down the stream of life.

For the first time in months, my schedule was clear today. No school, no work, no meetings, no medical appointments – nothing. Yes, there were many items that I needed to attend to, but it was still wonderful to feel less pressured.

Today made me realize why the phrase “free time” has the word “free” in it. There is a freedom that you have when no one else owns part of your day. Being busy and productive brings a sense of accomplishment. However, too much happening can make you feel weary and trapped.

So here are some wonderful benefits to having free time that I enjoyed today and look forward to having in the future. I would love to hear what you appreciate about having a day where nothing is scheduled.

922. Time to Catch up on Work – There were so many tasks that desperately needed to get done today. Finally finishing them is a huge relief.

923. No Guilt when Talking – When I chatted with friends today, the guilt that usually plagues me was pleasantly absent. There was nothing nagged me to get to or finish.

924. Sweat Pants and Sweaters – Snuggly clothing is nice to wear sometimes despite my love for skirts and dresses.

925. Fewer Headaches – Stress can cause headaches. When you are not running around everywhere, you can relax with less pain.

926. Watching Movies or Television – Dr. Who and Sense and Sensibility are the ones that I chose today. Sure, I need to finish other things, but I also desperately need a break.

927. Walking Slowly – Not having to rush about is a nice change.

928. Introvert Time – As an introvert, I desperately need time alone. Today was a wonderful break from crowds.

929. Extended Prayer – Often, I have to rush through my morning prayer. This distresses me. This morning meditation was much slower and meaningful.

930. Freedom to Make Choices – When you have an unplanned day, you can add anything to your schedule. There are so many choices that you can make.

931. Thinking Time – When people race through life, they do not have time to think deeply. Slower days give them the chance to contemplate choices and relationships.

932. More Sleep – There is less time to sleep for many people who are busy. Sadly, those who are rushed probably need more rest rather than less.

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 922 – 932. Free Time

  1. It sounds like you enjoyed a very fruitful and much-needed break. I pray you keep more Sabbath rests in the future.

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