One Thousand Thanks: 933 – 943. Christmas Time

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath on our house

Merry Christmas! I wish that I could give you each a gift. Your support as readers, followers, and commenters has been such a blessing to me this year. Honestly, that is one of the best presents that anyone could give me.

However, since there is currently no technology that allows me to send you a present through a computer screen, I will have to dedicate this post to all of you. As the day is Thursday, I am focusing on Christmas thankfulness. Please let me know what you are thankful for in regards to this season.

933. Family Board Games – This is one of my favorite ways of spending time with my family.

934. Wearing Red Dresses – Being able to gussy up with pearls, velvet, and high heels makes this day feel very special.

935. Kissing Baby Jesus’ Feet – When placing the figure in the nativity scene, every member of my family kisses his feet. This little gesture reminds me where to find joy in this busy season.

936. Mario’s laughter – My little brother might be a bit crazy, but his joy at having all his sisters home is so sweet.

937. Peppermint Treats – I wish that peppermint was around all year long.

938. Secret People – We draw names in my family and then buy gifts for that person. Guessing who has who, finding the right gift, and honoring each other is one of the best parts of Christmas.

939. Christmas Carols – “Night of Silence” is one of my favorites, but I love almost all of them.

940. Watching People Open Gifts – This moment is almost as great as picking out the present, or maybe it is even better.

941. Going to Church as a Family – My sisters and I live so far away that this usually does not happen anymore. Holidays are the time when we all can be together at Mass.

942. Putting Up Ornaments – Oh, I love my ornament collection! Putting them on the tree causes me anxiety but also excitement. Seeing each one is like greeting an old friend.

943. Mom’s Angel Collection – Her arrangement of angels is beautiful.

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