Good News is Everywhere

We so often hear bad news. Children are dying, corruption is rampant in politics, natural disasters wipes out homes, and anger drives families away from each other. These stories seem to be all there is in newspapers, television stations, and online today.

However, studying journalism has helped me to realize that many people involved in the news industry desire to raise awareness to difficult issues and prevent society from becoming apathetic. This driving force is admirable although it can be taken too far. We also need to the good news that surrounds us every day.

I long to know what joyful stories are happening in my life, the lives of my family and friends, and also in the whole world. When depressed by only sad news, I should choose to mourn and help those affected in whatever way that I can. We should strive to make this world a better place.

Dwelling on the issue can only bring myself more hopelessness. Thus, I need to do my part to bring about healing in the issue. This might simply be donating money, praying, and telling others to raise awareness. Most of the time, I cannot travel to foreign countries to cure Ebola or stop a dictatorship. Do some people need to fill those roles? Yes. However, my calling is different. Each day, my choices ready me for changing the world in a major way (I hope). Yet, it is the small things that I do right now to help those around me that gradually impacts society.

Instead of berating myself for not saving people from terrorists or tsunamis, I need to continue spreading hope to friends and family. One of the ways that I can keep up hope while doing this is to focus on good news as well as the bad news.

As mentioned above, there are three places where we can look to for good news: our own life, those around us, and the entire world.

First of all, ask yourself what positives are happening for you right now. What is the good news of your life? This can be little things, such as finding a lost earring or saving $5 on gas. Otherwise, there might be huge life changes like having a child or graduating from college. Try to make a list of the things that brought you joy, hope, or peace. Here is my list from the past week:

  • I made someone so happy at my job that she hugged me and gave me a huge tip.
  • My family was together all day for Christmas.
  • My brother and I had a date to see Penguins of Madagascar which was better than I thought it might be.
  • All of my grades for the past semester were As.

Secondly, look for the good news in the lives of your family and friends. What are they rejoicing about? Do they have something new in their life, or have they gotten rid of an unwanted element or object? Once again, this items can be small or large. Think about not only people close to you but also those that are acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, or those that somehow cross your path occasionally. Here are my examples from this week:

  • My littlest cousin started speech therapy and now can greet me by name. She is so cute!
  • Numerous friends graduated from my university.
  • A wonderful friend and mentor just became engaged today.
  • Mario received so many Lego that his smile could not have gotten any bigger.

Finally, search for good news in the world. What are some happy stories in papers, magazines, and other news sources? This might take some active searching, but those articles are out there. Sometimes, I will clip stories that make me really happy to save for reading another time. Here are some recent ones that I found online:

Hopefully, thinking about good news will be something that you can incorporate into your life. We should be aware of the bad situations in our world and help those in trouble. However, simply agonizing over these situations aids no one including ourselves. Instead, we need to balance the sad news with joyful stories from our own lives, those around us, and the rest of the world.


4 thoughts on “Good News is Everywhere

  1. armsopenwide says:

    Look in the mirror, Rose; you’re made in the image of God. You are good news; it’s there within you!

  2. ATSF Roswell says:

    Very good and uplifting post! Nicely put. Happy holidays!

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