Listaliciousness: Rainbow Surprises, Dancing Hats, and Big Eyes


Stream in the woods

Saying “I told you so” or gloating is not very kind. However, part of me feels like doing that in a non-malicious way. Just as I suspected, Into the Woods (which I just saw) was good but nowhere near as amazing as the stage production. There are some scripts that work better onstage than on film. That is simply how it is.

That being stated, I enjoyed seeing a movie again today. Yesterday, a bit of time was free which allowed me to go to a different show as you will see in my links. Read on to learn more about where I went and see the other things that interested me.

  1. Video: Rainbow Surprise – This has such a funny shock at the end. It made me jump and then laugh.
  2. Everything J.K. Rowling Revealed about Harry Potter in 2014 – She keeps telling us more and making us long for the series to continue.
  3. Video: New Traditions – I was cast in this video done at my university. Hopefully you enjoy the story about a girl spending her first Christmas without her parents.
  4. Top 10 caramel desserts – With Christmas over, it is time to think about other desserts. Here are some that I put together.
  5. Video: Bouncing Lamb – This is so cute!
  6. Top 10 last-minute white elephant gifts – Do you still have some holiday parties to attend? This list might help.
  7. Big Eyes Trailer – I saw this movie yesterday and loved it. If you enjoy art or history, you might appreciate this film.
  8. Patrick Stewart Wears Singing and Dancing Hat – So funny! The expressions that cross this great actor’s face are hilarious.
  9. Video: Teens React to Drunk Driving – This link is more serious but very powerful. Drunk driving is an important issue that should not be glossed over by the media or friends.
  10. 22 Movies That are being Turned into TV Shows – Interesting list. I have not seen most of these movies but still found the idea compelling.

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