My Ten Favorites of 2014: Movies, Moments, and More

Me in front of Buckingham Palace

Me standing in front of Buckingham Palace

Over the past year, I have grown so much and been greatly blessed. There were both beautiful and heart-wrenching moments. As this last day of 2014 finishes, thinking and writing about my favorites from this year seemed appropriate.

Thus, I decided to choose ten different categories and write my ten favorites of those things. By the way, can you guess my favorite number for lists? Each list is in no specific order. Thus, one does not mean my favorite or the best. It is simply the order they happened in or how I wrote them down on the post.

1. Moments – The ones I will not soon forget

  1. Studying abroad in Oxford
  2. Writing, acting in, and touring with Theater on Purpose: Cathedral
  3. Finding a waitress/running job for myself at a movie theater
  4. Moving onto campus at school with two wonderful roommates
  5. Seeing Demi Lovato in concert
  6. Being a mother to a dying child in The Yellow Boat
  7. Finaling in speech team
  8. Receiving a job from my internship at Celebrity Cafe
  9. Tutoring people at school (many great moments)
  10. Feeling beautiful in my red dress at the film festival at school

2. Movies – The funny and inspirational 

  1. Big Hero 6
  2. The Imitation Game
  3. The Hobbit: The Battle of 5 Armies
  4. The Giver
  5. Big Eyes
  6. Interstellar
  7. Penguins of Madagascar
  8. Malificent
  9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One
  10. When the Game Stands Tall

3. Search Terms for My Blog – The surprising and touching

  1. “lies we believe about ourselves”
  2. “what to say to someone who worries and has anxiety?”
  3. “why is that my girlfriend disgust to eat”
  4. “will someone love me despite my body”
  5. “what does scotty mccreery like in a girl”
  6. “i cannot handle stupid people”
  7. “how to feel beautiful after anorexia”
  8. “what is the logical meaning of someone giving you a rose with thorn”
  9. “case study of how fairy tales affect asperger”
  10. “mini vacation for overloaded mom”

4. Music – The upbeat and slow

  1. “Brave” – Moriah Peters
  2. “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift
  3. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars
  4. “Thinking Aloud” – Ed Sheeran
  5. “Rather Be” – Clean Bandit
  6. “Ghost” – Ella Henderson
  7. “Try” – Colbie Caillat
  8. “Limitless” – Colton Dixon
  9. “Believer” – American Authors
  10. “Classic” – MKTO

5. Struggles Overcome/Overcoming – The ones that I got through despite the pain

  1. Being assaulted in Oxford
  2. Paying for private university
  3. Working almost full time while doing full-time school
  4. Eating without Mom
  5. Getting several new medical providers
  6. Standing up for myself at work
  7. Having my heart broken after receiving hope for the first time
  8. Not being cast in theater and doubting my talent
  9. Anxiety over future choices for school and careers
  10. Dealing with weight restoration

6. Books – The new and ones I finally got around to 

  1. Because  – Joseph Riippi
  2. Fieldwork – Mischa Berlinski
  3. Saints  – Gene Luen Yang
  4. Hyperbole and a Half – Allie Brosh
  5. War and Peace  – Leo Tolstoy
  6. The Crazed – Ha Jin
  7. Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan
  8. The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
  9. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock  – Matthew Quick
  10. Wintergirls – Laurie Halse Anderson

7. Articles – The ones I wrote here and elsewhere

  1. Ten Things Not to Say to Someone with Aspergers – Rose with Thorns
  2. Our Bodies are Living Cathedrals – Catholic Stand
  3. Top 10 Celebrities with Mental Illness – Celebrity Cafe
  4. 10 Reasons Eating Disorders are Not Glamorous – Rose with Thorns
  5. Photography: Finding the Creative in the Mundane – art in short bursts
  6. Cabin Rentals: 10 Great Reasons for a Personal Retreat This Summer – Dunrovin blog
  7. Helping Others While in the Midst of Suffering – Rose with Thorns
  8. Top 10 Beloved Couples Who Did Not End Up Together – Celebrity Cafe
  9. 5 Great and Fairly Unknown Restaurants in London – Traveling by 5s
  10. Reclaiming and Listening to My Inner Writer – Rose with Thorns

8. Television Shows – The British and classics

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Sherlock
  3. Phineas and Ferb
  4. Resurrection 
  5. Doctor Who
  6. American Idol
  7. Downton Abbey
  8. Gilligan’s Island
  9. Britain’s Got Talent
  10. Mork and Mindy

9. Compliments – The ones that touched and delighted me

  1. “You are doing a lot more than most people, and you don’t get a lot of respect.” – customer who offered to buy me food
  2. “That girl has fire in her blood.” – theater director at school
  3. “You remind me of Cinderella: so beautiful, sweet, and always working.” – my roommate
  4. “That is your name; you are the Angel of Aristos.” – owner of Aristos, the restaurant where I worked
  5. “I was doing okay, and then your part [in the play] started. I just lost it. That was beautiful.” – a friend after Theater on Purpose this fall
  6. “You have great resilience.” – Oxford program director
  7. “You are the epitome of nice.” – Maria, my sister
  8. “That is what I love about you; you are so honest.” – bartender at work
  9. “I never knew you had such a beautiful voice.” – people after my show in May
  10. “You would be a great Disney princess.” – a friend

10. Videos – The laughable and heartwarming 

  1. Me Singing “May It Be”
  2. Guy Narrates Random People’s Lives
  3. Sainsbury’s  Official Christmas 2014 Ad
  4. Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge
  6. Word Crimes by Weird Al
  7. Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question
  8. WHOLOCK: The Musical
  9. Try by Colbie Caillat
  10. Young Gun

Please let me know your top ten (or even one or two) of these categories this year. I would love to hear from you in the comments!

9 thoughts on “My Ten Favorites of 2014: Movies, Moments, and More

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Happy New Year Anna, I hope your 2015 is even better.

  2. zupher says:

    Surprisingly summarized. You have experienced a very fulfilling year indeed.

  3. Happy New Year! I love your lists- especially the 10 compliments. Such wonderful things to remember ❤

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