Worrying That the World is Messed Up

Do you ever feel anxious about the state of the world? Violence, natural disasters, and corruption seem rampant. This can lead to worrying or hopelessness in the state of our lives and futures.

Being worried about the nature of the world is normal but certainly not simple to handle. Since the beginning of time, people worried about what was happening around them. Horrific killings, wars, death, and starvation  are certainly not new problems. That does not make our current pain any lesser but can help us put it into perspective.

So what can we do about the messed up state of our world? In one sense, there is little control that we have. None of us can single handedly halt a tsunami or bring nation-wide peace. However, there are small steps we can take to make the world better.

Finding where you can make a change and have an influence for the better is important. I want to especially help those with mental illness or autism and their support people.  That does not mean I cannot care for and love others. It simply means that I put a great deal of my energy serving those I believe I am meant to help. You can find where to make the world better by thinking about your interests, giftings, struggles, and personality factors.

So the world might be messed up, but that does not mean we should despair. Little by little, we can make a positive impact on the hurt population around us.


2 thoughts on “Worrying That the World is Messed Up

  1. People with mental illness/autism/retardation etc are the ones who need help more than the average population. They’re more vulnerable, maybe this is why you feel you were meant to help them.

    The world is messed up mostly because many people are selfish and have their priorities backwards. They just follow the herd, whether they’re right or wrong, and don’t care who they throw under the bus long as they get accepted among their peers, bully someone because it’s what their ‘friends’ expect them to do.

    It’s up to people who want to help those like mentally ill people whom society turn their backs on, because those are the people who are unselfish and willing to reach out to others.

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