Top Ten Websites about OCD

If you search for mental illness on the internet, some of the sites that you will stumble upon will be very helpful. Others, however, can be misleading, degrading, and triggering. Thus, it is important to have good resources to turn to on the web instead of trusting the first site that appears after a Google search.

Here are some websites on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which are helpful for support people and those diagnosed with this type of anxiety. Some are blogs while others are health sites. Please let me know about any other OCD sites that you find helpful.

  1. International OCD Foundation – This site has lots of information on what OCD is and how it might look. For those wanting to learn more about the disorder and basics on how to treat it, this is a great start.
  2. Megan has OCD – One of the first blogs that I followed, this is very helpful because the author experiences OCD. She blogs about daily life with this disorder as well as her hobbies, cats, and relationships.
  3. Hope 4 OCD – Westwood Institute uses this website. Even if you do not receive counseling there, many helpful articles are on this site such as a symptoms check list and four steps to take when struggling with OCD thoughts.
  4. Live OCD Free iPhone App – Sure, this is not technically the website that is helpful but the app itself. Still, this is a great way to cope when you do not have a therapist at hand. I would love to be able to use this app.
  5. Living With Me and My OCD – Still in the working stages, this is a YouTube channel dedicated to a personal documentary on a girl with OCD. The purpose is to raise awareness.
  6. Ellen’s OCD Blog – Posts regarding mental health awareness and dealing with OCD can be found on this blog. The author is straight-to-the-point and gives helpful advice.
  7. Beyond OCD – Facts as well as stories of recovery fill this site. Help is offered for many different types of individuals from children to clergy to college students.
  8. OCD Action – “It’s time to act” is the motto of this organization. Based in the U.K., this site has an interactive quiz to see if you are more likely to struggle with OCD, stories from the media, and a forum to discuss struggles and victories.
  9. ocdtalk – Another great blog, this one is by a mother whose son has OCD. Having this perspective is very helpful because when you are in the middle of the disorder, noticing how it is affecting others can be difficult.
  10. Strivings within: Pure O – OCD, Religious OCD and Faith – OCD can take a religious bent at times which leads a person to pray obsessively or feel extremely guilty. This YouTube channel addresses this type of anxiety as well as other types of OCD while bringing in a spiritual element.

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