One Thousand Thanks: 952 – 965. Historic Events

Statue at Oxford

One of the most famous statues in Oxford

Last night, my family went to see Night at the Museum 3. Seeing a film with my parents and little brother is a rare treat, so we ended up having a lovely time. Hearing my mother and Mario giggling is by far the best part.

Seeing that film reminded me of my love of history. So often, people either reminisce about “the good ol’ days” or blast the past errors. This post is meant to be a grateful reminder for events that made life safer, richer, and better today.

952. Shakespeare’s first production – Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel back and see that play? This is the story that started the career of a legend.

953. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech – These inspiring words still echo in our daily lives as we strive to be unified in loving one another while diverse and unique.

954. The first moon landing – How I wish that I could have been alive to see that. What a incredible moment for all involved and watching!

955. Mother Teresa winning the Noble Prize – She did beautiful things that deeply touched and healed others. This prize was truly deserved by her.

956.  The establishment of Oxford – The first university, this place holds great historical depth and imagination.

957. Charles Lindbergh flies the Atlantic – His life was full of tragedy, but this moment was one of great courage and extreme joy.

958. The first Thanksgiving – Seeing that unity would have been beautiful.

959. The life of Christ – Even if you are not Christian, there is something amazing in the life of this tender but strong man.

960. Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press  – Without this, books would not be around currently. I am so grateful for this invention.

961. Ann Sullivan helping Helen Keller – Ann Sullivan’s long efforts to help the blind, mute, and deaf Helen Keller gave us a wise and talented woman who impacted the world greatly.

962. Jesse Owens in the Olympics – He proved to Hitler that he was not subhuman but worthy of glory.

963. Cracking the Rosetta Stone – This discovery, after many years, led us to understand much about the ancient world especially Egypt.

964. Abraham Lincoln’s presidency – He made numerous difficult but wise choices. This did not always win him friends but made him into one of the greatest presidents of the USA.

965. Alan Turing’s computer -Watching The Imitation Game gave me a new respect for this creative man who helped win WWII and invented the first computer.


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9 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 952 – 965. Historic Events

  1. MEM says:

    Other amazing moments in history include the births of my gorgeous children!

  2. These are great examples. I would add the Christmas truce of 1914

    Tecumseh rallying all the tribes in the war of 1812

    Joan of Arc

    there are so many aren’t there?

    Diana xo

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