Listaliciousness: Golden Globe Nominees Best Films, New Egypt Pharaoh-Queen, and Still Christmas

Back to school with friends like Christi

Back to school with friends like Christi

Well, I just moved back into school and am already busy with work. This is my last semester…that is something I do not even want to think about right now.

So, onto the list instead. Sorry, I am a bit short today. Honestly, it has been filled with writing for Celebrity Cafe, moving into school, packing, and church. Hopefully this list will be fun for you still.

  1. 25 Interesting Facts about Pope Francis You Probably Didn’t Know – This is a very neat list. This man is wonderful.
  2. Top 10 Benedict Cumberbatch – Oh, he is so amazing. Writing this list was fun.
  3. Balancing Culture and Christianity – I wrote this and was very nervous about it. However, Christianity and culture is an important topic to address.
  4. Top 10 apricot recipes – Hopefully you will enjoy some of these goodies.
  5. Bing Christmas: Tis’ the Season to be Crosby – Sure, Christmas is over, but I still love this man’s voice. It melts my heart.
  6. Top 10 Christoph Waltz – I never knew that he was Austrian until I wrote this. He is sure talented though.
  7. Tomb of Previously Unknown Pharaonic Queen Found in Egypt – History like this is still being discovered. The world is more fascinating than we even know.
  8. 18 Surprising Photos of Christmas around the World – Once again, this season is past. However, these are great photographs to see still.
  9. Video: Puppy Tries to Reclaim Bed from Cat – Aw, they are both so cute.
  10. Top 10 Ralph Fiennes movies – He is not talked about often but is such a diverse and creative actor.



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