Starting Off My Last Semester with Evil, Playwriting, and Sentence Structure

Sitting on the plane

I am certainly not in a plane like the nice ones that I rode to Oxford.

This semester is starting off like an airplane that is catapulted into the sky instead of starting from the ground slowly. I feel both invigorated and exhausted. Part of me worries about the future if I continue on in this fashion. However, the thrill of being busy and learning so much is almost addictive. Because of that, I wanted to share what my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule will be. Although it is only the first day of school, the feeling that these classes will be impacting my blog keeps tickling my brain.

First, my day starts at 9:10 when I have Systematic Theology which covers why we believe what we do as well as forcing us to do theology. The idea of actually figuring out and studying what I hold as true is frightening and also exciting.

After this, my university has mandatory chapel. This might involve singing, a speaker, and/or community prayer. In one sense, it is relaxing. Yet, part of me becomes antsy as I long to do something and worry about my daily tasks and homework.

Then, I scramble to go to a class called Writer’s Style. Here, the emphasis is on the grammar usage, language, and other little details of writing (especially creative non-fiction writing). Why do we put a long sentence here and a shorter one there? What does that line break mean? How can I best convey my point using different punctuation? All of these questions are important to ask but often ignored. I am thrilled to have a class that addresses these topics.

My next class is Playwriting, which was not needed for my major but sounded fascinating. Already, the course work is frightening. However, this will strengthen my writing skills in a whole new way. Plus, finally having a theater class (and with a wonderful teacher and terrific classmates) is a dream I have longed for since starting college.

My final class is a philosophy one: The Problem of Evil. Just the first class brought tears to my eyes. Going through this class and addressing this difficult subject will not be easy. However, it will hopefully be healing experience.

Although the classes are done, my day is still not over because I then work until 4:30 tutoring. This work might not sound interesting, yet I have grown to love it. Helping people learn grammar and improve their papers brings me great joy and teaches me something each time.

Today, however, my day does not even end after this work shift. Right away, I will be heading off to my other job in order to get there at 5:00. Then, I will be serving people and running them food until midnight or 1:00 in the morning. Fun! Oh well, I did get myself into this mess.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in about this amazing set of classes that I have. As mentioned above, they are sure to inspire more posts. So look forward to hearing about suffering, scripts, line breaks, and lots more.


6 thoughts on “Starting Off My Last Semester with Evil, Playwriting, and Sentence Structure

  1. ladygracet says:

    You do sound pretty busy, although your play writing class sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

  2. jefairgrieve says:

    Sounds as if your last “class,” the one that begins at 5:00 and goes until after midnight, may offer as much of a learning experience in its own way as the others that are more theoretical. That’s a horrendous schedule! Be sure to take a time out once in a while if you need one, a day for yourself where you suspend all routine activity and get caught up with yourself. People may get angry with you for doing this, but in the “big picture,” it’s important to take care of yourself.

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