The Joy of Being Called by Name

Anna Rose

I am Anna Rose. Not Anna. Anna Rose is my name.

Being called by name brings a sense of confidence and joy. At least, that is a point made by Madeline L’Engle in Walking on Water. For my show, we read this book and discussed this topic. It stuck with me even months later.

In a class my freshman year, a friend asked, “Is your name pronounce Ana or Anna?”

Before I could respond, a handsome boy from the back of the room said, “It is Anna Rose, right?”

That sentence was so short but touched me deeply. When someone calls us by name, they are acknowledging that they have paid attention to who we are. There is a joy that this brings when others take the time (and brain energy) to remember us.

We all want to be loved and noticed. When people call and care for us by simply saying our name – or a nickname which is even better – they show us that we are important enough to remember. That is something that I certainly crave.

Thus, I want to make it a habit to be better at calling people by name and remembering them this year. That is a simple but concrete way of loving others. Sure, it will take energy and be difficult at times. However, seeing the smiles on the faces of coworkers or shy classmates will be worth the effort.


4 thoughts on “The Joy of Being Called by Name

  1. myocdvoice says:

    I love this, Anna Rose!

  2. Ellie Sofia says:

    Thank you for this, Anna Rose (you have a beautiful name by the way) x 🙂

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