One Thousand Thanks: 966 – 976. My Home, Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota

“Why do we live here?” That has been the common compliant that I have heard lately from fellow Minnesotans. Sure, the weather is chilly and ever changing, our roads have pot holes when not ice covered, and people might not be nice all the time (as “Minnesota Nice” seems to claim). However, this state really does have positives.

Because this week has been especially cold, I decided to not complain about my home but affirm it instead. Sure, it is not Oxford, San Diego, or even Wisconsin. However, Minnesota is a wonderful place as this list will prove.

966. Our lakes – There are actually more than the 10,000 lakes that we claim to have. If you like fresh water for swimming, boating, or fishing, come out to here.

967. Theater – The theater scene in the Twin Cities is pretty amazing. The Guthrie, Children’s Theater, Ordway, and many other places produce quality shows with amazing talent.

968. Snowy winters – Yes, it is difficult to drive in sometimes. However, it is also so beautiful.

969. Not too crowded – Minnesota is not barren or peopleless. At the same time, there are not huge crowds in most areas.

970. Health care – We are very blessed to have good health care with many leading providers.

971. Northern most tip – Besides Alaska, Minnesota has the northern most tip in the whole United States! Thus, we have the right to claim that it is cold.

972. No poisonous animals – Mosquitoes are very annoying. Thankfully, there are few other pests like dangerous spiders or scorpions.

973. German/Scandinavian heritage – Oh, this makes us all interesting and a bit more reserved than other states. Seeing parts of this heritage in art, buildings, and traditions is very interesting.

974. Diversity – Our state has become more diverse over the years. Now, we celebrate having the neighborhood with the most diversity in the nation.

975. Clean air -Pollution is a problem everywhere. For the most part, Minnesota is a clean, healthy place to live.

976. Calling things by theΒ rightΒ name – It is “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck” not “Duck, Duck, Goose;” “Pop” not “Soda;” “Hot Dish” not “Casserole;” and “Kitty Corner” not “Caddy Corner.” πŸ™‚


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12 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 966 – 976. My Home, Minnesota

  1. jenniferkmarsh says:

    I have has such an urge to visit Minnesota for years! Fancy you living there πŸ˜› I am so very envious of your snowy winters. Maybe I’ll go there for winter sometime πŸ™‚

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Minnesota does seem a rather nice place. The only person I met from there was when I first got to London in 1986. In order to show the Brits I wasn’t pro Regan, I had a t-shirt made that read “Don’t blame me I voted for Mondale.” I was upstaged by your fellow Minnesotian who had a badge that read “Don’t blame me, I’m from Minnesota” which was the only state Mondale won in 1984. I have always found that amusing.

  3. TD says:

    Hehe.. Surely its a very nice city! You are the first, whom I know from Minnesota. With love from India.

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