Seize the Day in Everyday Life

“Seize the Day.” That is a phrase that we often hear and might even try to remember.

However, it is hard to live it out in daily life. This phrase does not mean that we take crazy chances only on days that are special or that we make dumb choices. Instead, these words encourage us to make each day worth living and important.

But what might these mean? Here are a few ways that we might see this in our own lives:

  • Spending a game night with family instead of taking home business
  • Asking the person who you have admired for several months on a date
  • Complimenting someone that you usually overlook
  • Attending a dance, art, or self-defense class to learn something new
  • Taking a mini vacation to a new part of town

There are so many ways that we can work to make each day important and seize the little moments in it as well as looking forward to the big excitements. Robin Williams states it beautifully in this film. Let us all work to seize the day every day.


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