How to Let Yourself Be Angry

I am so tired that I can barely function, let alone write a blog. However, here is one link to a great article that I need to remember.

How to Let Yourself Be Angry.


4 thoughts on “How to Let Yourself Be Angry

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Very useful, thanks for sharing

  2. jefairgrieve says:

    This post is so right on!! I was, like so many women in my generation, taught not to show anger. I’ve had a lot to be legitimately angry about in my life, but somehow I learned when young to store my anger and let it give me the power, give me the energy, for fixing injustices. For example, I worked without pay for five years to get a public transportation measure put on the ballot in the seventies so that people who had no cars could carry on with their lives via transit. When I analyzed my behavior and asked myself why I fought so hard, I realized I had transferred my anger from times I had been mistreated to focus on this one project that would provide transportation for people who had none. The author of your post mentions this use for anger. Since the seventies, I have been aware of the value of “anger energy” to drive projects that right wrongs and benefit other people. Anger can energize people to do bad things or to do good things. Think of how wonderful our world could be if everyone chose to use anger energy for good!

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