One Thousand Thanks: 988 – 994. Powerful Plays

Boys in The Yellow Boat

Most of the boys who were in The Yellow Boat with me last spring

In my playwriting class, we have to not only study how to write a show by reading but also by seeing. If you are interested in any part of theater, viewing other performances is extremely helpful.

However, you will sometimes find a show that really disturbs you. That happened to me tonight. Other people might be compelled by the show or love it. Even so, you are allowed to find it troubling or uninteresting. For example, A Street Car Named Desire left me sickened. When the woman loses her heritage and sanity at the end – after being molested by her sister’s husband – I was furious. Other people love that show; I cannot stand it, and that is fine.

However, there are many wonderful, inspiring shows that you can be in or see. Here are some of the ones that I am most thankful for on this Thankfulness Thursday.

988. Death of a Salesman – This play is very depressing. However, the importance of family, trust, and love in it made it very powerful to me. I can see how this situation could (and does) happen in families.

989. Lost in Yonkers – Humor and tragedy blend wonderfully in this play. One day, I would love to star as Bella in it.

990. Les Miserables – Probably one of the most powerful shows ever, Les Miserables has such beautiful characters and themes such as redemption and freedom.

991. The Twelfth Night – Twists and confusion abounds in this Shakespeare show. This is another play that I would love to be in sometime.

992. The Mousetrap – Agatha Christie is a genius who keeps the audience captivated.

993. Blithe Spirit – With wonderful British humor, this play is full of jokes, twists, and suspense. Unexpected ghosts, deaths, and drama haunt every moment.

994. Into the Woods – This show does have dark moments, but brilliant rays of hope shine through and prevail in the end. Plus, even the dark parts are humorous.

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