Listaliciousness: Hero Cat, Me Dancing, and a New Belle

Just when you feel ready to break, people can surprise you with love. The last few days have been much better than the rest of my week. Thank you to my wonderful coworkers (Haley, Celeste, Ada, Jeremy, Abby, Jennifer, Tyler, and everyone else – I am talking to you) and my awesome mother for helping to make this change.

So, enjoy  this list. Thank you all for making this a good ending to the week. Your responses, reading, and likes encourage me daily

  1. Emma Watson playing Belle – This news made me so excited! First of all, I love the idea of this movie. Secondly, Emma Watson will be amazing at this role.
  2. Podcast: Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch – This man is amazing. Simply listening to his voice is wonderful.
  3. Cat Saves Baby from Freezing to Death – Cats truly are amazing creatures. They are much more caring than people seem to think.
  4. The Imitation Game: Who were the real Bletchley Park codebreakers? – Very interesting article about the history of Alan Turing and his team.
  5. Video: #GetOutside – This is a dance that I did at my school. You can see me jamming out in green shorts.
  6. Top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time – What do you think of this list that I put together? What would you add?
  7. Couples Bucket List – Or maybe just do this with friends. I love that idea.
  8. 20 Things You’ll Never Hear a Minnesotan Say – This list is pretty accurate. Clever idea.
  9. Video: Adult Ball Pit in London – Wouldn’t this be fun? Brilliant idea.
  10. Top 10 popcorn recipes – There are so many cool recipes that use popcorn. Here are some that I found.





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