One Thousand Thanks: 995 – 997. Beautiful Side of My Complaints

Saying goodbye as the brothers drive away

I have always feared being around cars, but there are great parts of having them.

Complaining is something that I fall into far too often. That is putting it kindly. When in a difficult situation or irritated by small annoyances, I tend to gripe instead of fixing the situation. On the other hand, I can remain silent sometimes when someone is really hurting me or another person.

For my second to last Thanksgiving Thursday (I am sad to give these up next week, so I am stretching them out), looking at the beautiful side of my most common complaints seemed like a fun idea.

995. Shoes – Without these, how would we walk outside in the snow, over the rocks, on sun-baked tar, etc? Plus – I hate to say this, but it is true – they do not really suffocate your feet like I often whine.

996. Cars – Driving frightens me, but having a car to get between far places allows me to go to school, have a job, see friends, and visit my family.

997. Phones – My mother is still there for me when I need her. That makes a phone a wonderful thing despite my fear of talking on it.


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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 995 – 997. Beautiful Side of My Complaints

  1. JJM says:

    I like your thousand thanks – I think you should continue them! or you could do round two

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