It’s On Us: Bonding Together to Protect

When someone is harmed, who do we blame? Usually the person who committed the wrongdoing and potentially the person who was hurt.

However, what about the people who stand and watch without helping? What about those who pretend nothing is wrong or never care to ask? What about those so concerned with their own lives that they do not stand up for the needs of others?

It is time for us to take a stand and bond together for protection. The “It’s On Us” campaign is trying to do that in the area of rape and other types of assault. This video moved me to sign the petition and join the cause.

Stating that we need to take action, responsibility, and protect others does not mean we are responsible for the wrongdoings of every person. Instead, it means that we should care for and do the best for others. This is how I want to live my life. In return, I hope that others will support me. That type of bond makes us stronger than we would be alone.

My father illustrates this point to the youth that he works with in leadership training and team-building. Taking a stick, he asks if he could break it. The teenagers nod. After snapping the stick, he brings up a bundle of sticks. “Can I break this?” He inquires to which the youth shake their heads.

“The point,” he concludes, “is that you are like this stick. Alone, you will not get far. We need teamwork to bond together and support each other. We use our strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses.”

It’s on us to be that team that comforts those suffering. It’s on us to be a voice of truth when someone is spouting hateful lies. It’s on us to be a family that looks out for each other.

I cannot do this alone. None of us can be a super hero and save  all of humanity. Together, however, we can support each other and encourage instead of degrade.


4 thoughts on “It’s On Us: Bonding Together to Protect

  1. You see that at the hospital that men are wary to say anything and I think that that is odd but I understand why. The reason could be that we are both born or go through the process of identity change with both genders before we are one or the other. Men, have to live with the stigmas of being a victim and the pain of that is kind of doubled. Those thoughts plus the stigma of victimization.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Thanks for sharing this Anna Rose, the points in the video are absolutely right. However, it is not just sexual assault where it’s up to us. Any form of assault, harassment or bullying needs to be dealt with. As for men being afraid to speak up when they’re victimized, I wear the t-shirt on that one. It took me three decades before I finally admitted it.

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