Finding A Release

Finding a release is a huge part of recovery. However, knowing what that is can be difficult. Still, release is a great coping skill – if one that is a bit abstract until you explore more skills. How do you find release? Writing, music, art, dancing, nature, running, boxing? There are many ways to do this.


Hello all,

I have recently picked my journal back up and have began writing. However, I hit a roadblock in my writings. Traveling back to discuss something that had a big emotional impact on my life 4 years ago was enough to make me put the journal down for a few days. I plan on writing my entries in hereā€¦ with some give and take information. Writing is usually a very good release for me, as most times it is difficult for me to explain how I am feeling without becoming an emotional wreck (given the topic).

I hope that in your journeys through life you find something that helps you release (something legal that is). I find that writing helps us explore our emotions, thoughts and allows us to focus on a specific topic or just ramble. Because sometimes we need to just ramble about nothing.

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