Coping Skills: #78. Give a Valentine

Flower heart

A flower heart that I left on the grave of J.R.R. Tolkien

Happy Valentine’s Day! For some people, this day is a special event that is planned for months ahead of time and greatly enjoyed each year. For others of us, this is simply another day to get up and feel lonely. In any case, this holiday brings a set of standards that are hard to live up to fully: have a romantic partner, look nice, spend the right amount of month, find a great gift, enjoy a great date or party, etc.

To get my mind off of the romantic aspect of this day, I focus on those that I love dearly and try to show them this. One way that I did it this year was by sending my mother Shari’s Berries. Hearing her joy and surprise was well worth the money and effort.

Thus, my encouragement to you and myself if you struggle on this day is to find a fun way to show love through a Valentine. Give it to your parents, siblings, roommates, best friends, or pets. This can be done in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • Their favorite flowers
  • Candy
  • Baked goods (cookies, brownies, bread, etc)
  • Makeup
  • Books
  • Lotion
  • Movies
  • Stuffed animals
  • A date

There are so many other options; really, there are no limits in what you can give. So, I want to encourage us all to try to spread love instead of simply being upset about loneliness or commercialism.

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4 thoughts on “Coping Skills: #78. Give a Valentine

  1. NZFiend says:

    Oh my… I am a guy. Of the “guy” end of the guy spectrum. Valentines day is a con job. But then, what the hell. Valentines made me happy this year. I don’t believe in co-incidences. Your post popped up on my reader whilst driving past the complex Peter Jackson used to produce LOTR and HOBBIT flicks… xxx ||

  2. MEM says:

    LOL! I sympathize with NZFiend. Guys certainly have it the hardest on the Big V Day celebrated on February 14th every year. It would help if gals could feel confident enough to handle Valentine’s Day by knowing deep down that they are loved.

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